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“Write with the door closed. Rewrite with the door open.” -Stephen King (On Writing: A Memoire on the Craft).

If Stephen King recommends something, then you should probably do it.

This quote from his memoire is a great representation of how your writing space should work.

While writing your first draft you should always do it alone. Don’t write out in the open just to get attention. There should never be people around you while you write because their existence will only impact your writing.

Seriously, you’ll subconsciously write to please them. . . Be wary.

For the best writing you can offer, you should be in a room with the door soundly shut. Don’t work in an area that is too cluttered , either. Allow yourself plenty of room to walk around and think.

My own writing space is my bedroom. When writing, I alternate from sitting on my bed and sitting at my desk. Both bed and desk are beside my window so I’ve got good natural light to keep my sanity safely intact while alone.

You’ll also need to have enough room to lay out your notes so don’t forget that.

Plus, don’t write in places that you’re uncomfortable or going to be easily distracted. Once again, writing in a chic little café may look impressive, but the work you get done won’t be.

Writing is a very lonely career so sometimes you need to embrace the solitude and get some work done.


Author: Madi Uram

I'm just another young writer hoping to get noticed in the world of publication. The majority of my time is put into writing novels, but I'm no stranger to journalism, playwriting, and critical essay's, too. I'm also the author of "The Little Paragons" which can be found on Amazon.com.

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