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My Fear of Fan-Fiction


Is anyone else terrified of fan-fiction or is it just me? Seriously, why does fan-fiction exist? There’s so much about it that scares me.

I was reading a short work last night, and I couldn’t get further than a few chapters in. There was just something about the fact that I was reading actual fan-fiction that horrified me.

I do have a reason for my fears, though. I’m not just being crazy. . . this time.

Will it Impact My Writing Skill?

Any time I read bad writing, I get scared that it will make me a crappy writer. And I’m not saying all fan-fic is written by bad writers! I know there are some BRILLANT writers out there who stoop low enough to simple fan-fic. I’m just saying, and I’m sure most everyone will agree with me, that “Fan-fic can be written horribly.”

Writers learn from the stories they’ve read. Usually someone’s first written work is very similar to another piece that they adore.

Maybe that’s why there are so many horrible YA authors out there. . . they’ve learned how to write from fan-fiction.

Once again, it’s not all bad! I was reading a pretty interesting story last night and the writing wasn’t the worst! I did stop a couple chapters in but that wasn’t due to poor writing.

Either way, I’m terrified that the more bad writing I read, the worse my writing will become. I can’t be the only one thinking that, right?

The World is Full of Raunchy People

The story I was reading last night took an unexpected turn.

Usually I can look past the fact that YA writers are obsessed with sex and romance, but this one crossed the line. There’s a difference between writing truthfully to what would happen and writing porn just for the fun of it. There are much easier ways to express to your audience that your characters are banging each other. Details are not necessary.

Maybe some people are into that! Alright, I won’t judge.

Just. . . I don’t even know.

Society is messed up.

Do These People Even Know What it’s Like to be Human?

Surely, these writers have completed high school or are in high school at the very least. Don’t they know what it’s like to be a teenager?

A large percentage of fan-fiction is based on teenage books or shows, so when people write it, why don’t they consider actual teenage actions?

Being a teenager is strange. A lot is happening in your mind. You think you’re more mature than you really are and everything is just so confusing. Every second something new can happen to you.

Why can’t writers ever show that in their writing? Instead they blindly throw down lust driven words. Yes, teenagers are very lustful and hormonal, but they don’t go around having sex every time they make eye contact. Please, just remember that!

Remember what it’s like to be a teenager. Also, remember that the times have changed. Teenagers today are a whole different breed of human than teenagers twenty years ago. Look into what it’s like to be a teenager and don’t judge too harshly.

Also, I’m always here to help (as I am 16. . .).

Basically, I don’t understand the allure of fan-fiction. From a writers point of view, fan-fiction is very dangerous, unrealistic, and just straight up weird.

Why aren’t these writers trying to get original works published? Why are they creating raunchy scenes between characters they ship?

As long as you are determined to write you’ll find your way to becoming a good writer. You just have to work for success and not waste your time mimicking other bad writers. Read some good books and learn from their writing. It will get you much further in your writing career.

That, and you won’t scare innocent people who simply Googled a name and got way more than they asked for. . . Stupid Google. 😥


Author: Madi Uram

I'm just another young writer hoping to get noticed in the world of publication. The majority of my time is put into writing novels, but I'm no stranger to journalism, playwriting, and critical essay's, too. I'm also the author of "The Little Paragons" which can be found on Amazon.com.

3 thoughts on “My Fear of Fan-Fiction

  1. In Stephen King’s book, On Writing, he wrote that reading bad writing isn’t necessarily bad. It can actually be helpful to see an example of bad writing, so that you can recognize it when you write badly yourself. The problem is… when you don’t see the bad writing. The fact that you can even point out that the writing is bad, means that you don’t really need to worry about it influencing your own work in a negative way. 🙂

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