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Guys! I Wrote a Play!


Can you believe it? I’ve finally done something with my life (aside from writing two whole novels and living to be 16…)!

Now that I think about it, this isn’t the first play I’ve written. The former one was more of a video script (I know there’s a name for that, but lord forgive me, I can’t remember it).

I’m not entirely sure what to do with this play I wrote, though. I don’t believe it’s technically safe to post it here, or is it? I still need to edit it, but should I try to find an actual publisher or enter it in writing contests? Or should I just calm the heck down and realize that it’s only a one-act play I was inspired to write during my morning shower…?

There’s so much to do with this random ten pages of glorious drama I just created!

I could also save it and use it as the script to a project I know I’ll have to do my senior year.

But that’s so far away!

…Isn’t it crazy how enthusiastic us writers can get about our own writing? I know that I’m a narcissistic and prideful human being, but I can’t help getting excited about the smallest things. Writing is one of my few hobbies and it seriously makes me excited when I finish a piece…even if it’s not edited or anywhere near public ready…

I guess, I’ll have to try to be more humble…


I’ll try when I’m old and have less energy to be enthusiastic about my work.

But, I would love if you guys gave me some advise for what to do with my newly created master piece. It’s exactly 10 pages so you can categorize it as a one act play. The genre is technically “drama” but it’s got a little bit of an underlying romance, too.

If worse comes to worst, I’ll simply edit it and post it here so you can see more of what my actual writing looks like.

Also, take a quick gander at the ten page sample of my novel The Little Paragons. Seriously, I would be the happiest girl alive if I could get some feed back on those first ten pages.

Click. The. Link.


🙂   🙂   🙂    🙂

The Little Paragons


Author: Madi Uram

I'm just another young writer hoping to get noticed in the world of publication. The majority of my time is put into writing novels, but I'm no stranger to journalism, playwriting, and critical essay's, too. I'm also the author of "The Little Paragons" which can be found on Amazon.com.

3 thoughts on “Guys! I Wrote a Play!

  1. If I were you, I’d enter it in a contest. 🙂

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