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Haikus Every Which Day (70)


I need distractions.

My mind is running too quickly,

 Racing like the wind.


Author: Madi Uram

I'm just another young writer hoping to get noticed in the world of publication. The majority of my time is put into writing novels, but I'm no stranger to journalism, playwriting, and critical essay's, too. I'm also the author of "The Little Paragons" which can be found on Amazon.com.

2 thoughts on “Haikus Every Which Day (70)

  1. Your daily work with Haiku is very nice to explore. Please keep at it. It’s an ancient word-craft. So much context and potential with each condensed phrase. And you handle it so well. I will look forward to reading more of your creative efforts!

    ~ Eric

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw! I’m glad to hear you enjoy them! I’m ashamed to admit I don’t pay more attention to writing them than I would like too, but they’re something to at least keep my blog busy. So, thank you very much!


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