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I’m pretty sure that I’ve discovered

The fact that I have no idea what I’m doing.

I try to keep the bases covered

But it seems I’m still losing.


Writing is a game many rarely win.

The competition is so intense

You feel you’re standing on a pin.

Plus, no one here appears to have any sense.


We spend hours editing

And weeks trying to read between the lines.

Month are consumed by writing

But I’m not seeing any good signs.


Yet, I’m pretty darn stubborn

So this isn’t the end.

Rather, it’s time to turn

Things around and hope they mend.


Author: Madi Uram

I'm just another young writer hoping to get noticed in the world of publication. The majority of my time is put into writing novels, but I'm no stranger to journalism, playwriting, and critical essay's, too. I'm also the author of "The Little Paragons" which can be found on Amazon.com.

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