Learn more about The Little Paragons

As formerly announced, I have a YouTube channel and my latest video includes a brief explanation of my novels! I figured it’s easier to just make a video than explain my novels every time someone asks about them. I’m either a genius or an idiot. It depends on whether people actually watch it… Anywho, if… Continue reading Learn more about The Little Paragons

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Smiles for miles

You are my life,
My world,
And my entire existence.
Yet when I think of you
I only remember
The impending distance.
The fear I feel
Is spread wide
Across the miles,
So I know,
I must have faith
In your confident smiles.

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My YouTube channel

As my senior year FINALLY comes to a close, I find myself scrounging for ways to broaden my portfolio. I’m trying to write more novels and plays while filming short films, stop motions, and new packages. For those of you who don’t know, I’m going to college for a B.A. in Cinematic Production. I’ll be… Continue reading My YouTube channel

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Why being a teenage author sucks

Don’t get me wrong, being a teenager and writing books is great! The look of astonishment and concern when you tell someone you’re 17 and have two published novels is gratifying. Having so much free time to write is amazing. Having 700 people in a high school to beg to read your book is a… Continue reading Why being a teenage author sucks

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How to promote your book while annoying everyone you know…

The struggle self-published authors are very familiar with, is the task of getting people to actually read their book. I mean, no doubt there are hundreds of Best Sellers out there that aren’t Best Sellers yet because it’s impossible to get an audience cheaply. You either have to pay a bajillion dollars for ads or… Continue reading How to promote your book while annoying everyone you know…


Read “The Little Villains” first chapter…

Chapter 1 The Great Gretel I once had a genie that could make my wildest dreams come true. If I had that genie in the real world I’m not sure what I would wish for. Most seventeen year-olds would ask to be rich, famous, or at least hot enough to bang a celebrity. Some may… Continue reading Read “The Little Villains” first chapter…

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“The Little Villains” is available for purchase!

As of last midnight (and early this morning due to me noticing one last typo that made my OCD go crazy), The Little Villains is available for purchase from Amazon.com! Feel free to let me know what you think by leaving a comment on Amazon. And remember, any publicity is good publicity when it comes… Continue reading “The Little Villains” is available for purchase!

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Almost done!

Coming out this Friday will be my second novel: The Little Villains. This book is the sequel to my first novel: The Little Paragons and will be available for purchase on Amazon.com! If you want to learn more about either of my books click here. If you want to purchase The Little Paragons click here.… Continue reading Almost done!

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The song about you

The sound so sweet,
A tune impossible to beat.
Keys pressed like finger tips
To your gently lips.
My eyes filled with tears
As I thought of future years,
Ones spent with a song in my heart
And a love that doesn’t part.

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Shakespearean love

Our love could have been
The most famous Shakespearean play.
There were evil villains full of sin
And romance that was a tad cliché.

For each other, we would have betrayed the world
But in the end we didn’t need to.
Around him my heart whirled
And that was when our love was new.

I hadn’t imagined the future before me;
One full of lies, stress, and most importantly: Love.
If I had known, I would never have thought to agree
But it seems there was an intervention from above.

Our love was like a Shakespearean play
That continues every day.

**It’s a beautiful winter day, school got canceled, and love is on my mind so I figured I would right a good ol’ fashion Shakespearean sonnet.**