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How to promote your book while annoying everyone you know…

The struggle self-published authors are very familiar with, is the task of getting people to actually read their book. I mean, no doubt there are hundreds of Best Sellers out there that aren’t Best Sellers yet because it’s impossible to get an audience cheaply. You either have to pay a bajillion dollars for ads or… Continue reading How to promote your book while annoying everyone you know…

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“The Little Villains” is available for purchase!

As of last midnight (and early this morning due to me noticing one last typo that made my OCD go crazy), The Little Villains is available for purchase from! Feel free to let me know what you think by leaving a comment on Amazon. And remember, any publicity is good publicity when it comes… Continue reading “The Little Villains” is available for purchase!

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Almost done!

Coming out this Friday will be my second novel: The Little Villains. This book is the sequel to my first novel: The Little Paragons and will be available for purchase on! If you want to learn more about either of my books click here. If you want to purchase The Little Paragons click here.… Continue reading Almost done!

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Sample The Little Paragons

  I’ve posted a chapter sample before of my novel The Little Paragons but for those of you who haven’t had the chance to check it out, here you go! You can also buy The Little Paragons on 🙂   Preface Prefaces suck. Against my better judgment, though, I have decided that a preface… Continue reading Sample The Little Paragons

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The seamstress next door

There’s a home beside mine that’s been empty for years. Its walls have turned pale and the windows foggy. A sign still hangs over it but the paints have faded to near oblivion. Only myself and those who cared enough to notice remember that it once advertised the humble services of a seamstress. The seamstress seemed… Continue reading The seamstress next door

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The Writer Saga

You know how in High School they force you to read things and then over analyze the crap out of it? Well I do that when I read books. Not in a deep symbolic way, though. I do it in a crazy writer way. Usually I’m just looking for patterns in the works of authors. I… Continue reading The Writer Saga

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Writing Every Which Season

Spring is in the air (finally), and I’m beginning to get excited for summer. Granted that means I’ll have to deal with unbearable heat in a few months(I don’t get out much), but it’ll be good for me. Perhaps I’ll even try to tan… HA! Aren’t I just hilarious? Anywho, as the rain begins to… Continue reading Writing Every Which Season

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Just testing the waters

SO! Many of you know that I’m the author of The Little Paragons but many of you have never even read some of my writing. Perhaps this isn’t the best example of my abilities, but I’ve started a new project just for fun and I thought I might share the first page and a half!… Continue reading Just testing the waters

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The truth comes out!

I’ve come to terms lately with the fact that Writer’s Block is indeed a thing. Until lately I’ve discouraged the idea and been too stuck up to realize that I was stuck. This “Writer’s Block” happens to me quite often, I now realize. Since I’m still in High School it’s due to prolonged absence from… Continue reading The truth comes out!

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Limited time offer!

The Little Paragons is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time! Due to this low price, please indulge me with a review on I can’t wait to hear from all of you 🙂 Have a cute picture of me and my novel to make your Sunday better 😀