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Smiles for miles

You are my life,
My world,
And my entire existence.
Yet when I think of you
I only remember
The impending distance.
The fear I feel
Is spread wide
Across the miles,
So I know,
I must have faith
In your confident smiles.

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The song about you

The sound so sweet,
A tune impossible to beat.
Keys pressed like finger tips
To your gently lips.
My eyes filled with tears
As I thought of future years,
Ones spent with a song in my heart
And a love that doesn’t part.

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Shakespearean love

Our love could have been
The most famous Shakespearean play.
There were evil villains full of sin
And romance that was a tad cliché.

For each other, we would have betrayed the world
But in the end we didn’t need to.
Around him my heart whirled
And that was when our love was new.

I hadn’t imagined the future before me;
One full of lies, stress, and most importantly: Love.
If I had known, I would never have thought to agree
But it seems there was an intervention from above.

Our love was like a Shakespearean play
That continues every day.

**It’s a beautiful winter day, school got canceled, and love is on my mind so I figured I would right a good ol’ fashion Shakespearean sonnet.**

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A song of love

I remember the way we moved
And the way the song went,
But my mind has since forgotten your scent
Because I now only feel misused.
I’ve moved on
And hope you’ve done the same
Yet I know I’m still the one you blame.
I’m not longer your pawn
And no longer have my eyes on you.
Rather I’m doing a new dance,
Giving someone else a chance
To make my heart sing anew.


A life plagiarized

As these days progress
I notice the time move slower,
But to my heart I must confess
That my expectations have gotten lower.
My life is changing before my eyes
And my friends are disappearing with the snow.
To escape this world, I wear a guise
That covers me from head to toe.
I’ve yet to lose my optimism
Thanks to the love I hold for only one,
But sometimes life feels like plagiarism
Of a book written for none.

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Enduring the daily chore
Just got worse.
This day I curse
Because my patience for it is poor.
To be forced to love,
To be forced to attend,
These people are like a hall with no end,
And a door closed with a shove.
Yet somehow the gathering will pass,
I will survive every Sunday’s Mass.
This family I cannot hate
No more than the food I ate.
They are my obligation
Because I was their creation.

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Things will get better

I have this saying
That will stop all this dismaying.
It goes a bit like this:
If life is going a miss,
Wait a bit
And it will soon be a hit.
The days will get brighter
Even for the fighter
Who has lost
Belief in the cost.

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Things didn’t work out

Things didn’t work out
The way I wanted.
Rather they worked out
Better than I imagined.
It’s strange
The way it worked,
But I won’t question
How it all happened

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Who melted all the snow?

It’s a lie to say I don’t care
That the ground is bare.
Where is the snow on the Earth?
Why am I not drawn, freezing, to the hearth?
I want hot chocolate
And snow on my car making me late.
I want blankets and cuddling
To make my mother start wondering.
Where is the Christmas spirit
I can’t hear it.

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Haikus Every Which Day (12/1)

It’s been awhile
But I won’t say I’ve missed you,
Not even a bit.