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Why being a teenage author sucks

Don’t get me wrong, being a teenager and writing books is great! The look of astonishment and concern when you tell someone you’re 17 and have two published novels is gratifying. Having so much free time to write is amazing. Having 700 people in a high school to beg to read your book is a gift. Alas, like any coin, there are always too sides.

Seeing as I’m a teenager in the middle class who has no job because high school is a (excuse my language) bitch, I don’t necessary have the greatest¬†following and here’s why.

1. Teenagers are stingy.

Teenagers usually either don’t have a job at all, or don’t have much money coming in from their job. It’s not that they don’t want to fork over $0.99 it’s just that they don’t see a point in giving their money to some student author who’s book could be crap for all they know.

2. I don’t have a job.

A day in the life of Madison Uram is generally busy. I’m not saying I go home to three kids, have to make dinner, give the dog a bath, and pack everyone’s lunches. I’m saying that I have to finish up my after school activities (directing a One-Act play), I have to consume dinner, finish homework, and try to keep my life situated in the meantime. Once all that is done, there’s no time for a job and who would hire a 17 year-old girl with no experience? Not you.

Why do I need a job? First off, publishers expect drafts to be submitted by an agent and without an agent self-publishing is basically your only choice. Then, if you want to run ads you have to pay money which I have minimal of because I’m trying to pay for prom. And lastly, to even put your novel on iTunes you need to pay for a memebership… AKA why I’m not on iTunes. Sorry.

3. Literally no one cares.

I can scream from the rooftop until my voice is gone about my novels, but I promise you that I will be extremely lucky if even one person buys my novel. This isn’t a pity party, it’s just how people are.

Has someone every advised a TV series to watch for you and despite the fact that it sounds perfect for you, you’re just too darn stubborn to watch it?

That’s how everyone feels about novels.

No matter how blown away they are that you wrote a novel, they don’t have the time or care to read it. And I can’t even blame them. I’ve read the short stories and poems my friends have written and if I heard one of them had written a novel, I wouldn’t pay money for it either.

Long story short, I love writing and I love when people read my book, I just wish more people would! If you feel the same, leave a comment below telling me of your plight. If you pity me, here’s the link to buy The Little Paragons and here’s the link to buy The Little Villains vvvvvvvv

The Little Paragons

The Little Villains



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Sequel in the making…

Hey, don’t forget to purchase my novel The Little Paragons on Amazon.com for $0.99! The sequel is on the way and more information about that is coming soon ūüôā

Things to look forward too:

~The Little Paragons 2 title reveal

~Self-publishing 101

~The Little Paragons 2 cover reveal

Happy Monday!



The truth comes out!

I’ve come to terms lately with the fact that Writer’s Block is indeed a thing. Until lately I’ve discouraged the idea and been too stuck up to realize that I was stuck.

This “Writer’s Block” happens to me quite often, I now realize. Since I’m still in High School it’s due to prolonged absence from my writing. I’m usually forced to put writing on hold for weeks on end while I struggle to keep homework, musical practices, friends, and family all in check.

Nonetheless, I’m back! Hopefully this time I’ll stay a bit longer.

Everyone has different ways to deal with Writer’s Block. It’s taken me too many years but I’ve¬†finally diagnosed myself and found a cure: Cheesy young adult novels.

I began my writing “career” because I was never fully satisfied with the YA novels I read. I started writing so I would enjoy reading more. Even now that I’m here with a published novel (The Little Paragons) and a sequel on the way, I find myself desperately crawling back to my roots once I’m stuck.

My recent obsession is The Gatekeepers Saga by Eva Pohler. It’s maybe not the most ground breaking novel, but it’s satisfying it’s¬†purpose well and keeping me entertained. It’s also inspiring me to continue writing this time around so I can’t be more thankful.

With that said, I’m hoping to be a bit more active now that the school year is beginning to dwindle. I also hope to get this second draft of The Little Paragons’ sequel finished. Wish me luck and happy Monday!

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Don’t forget…!

Don’t forget to check out my novel The Little Paragons on Amazon.com! AND if you’re feeling extra generous, feel free to leave me a review and tell your friends.

Until then, happy Tuesday!

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UPDATE: The Little Paragons available for purchase

The Little Paragons is surprisingly available sooner than I imagined! I’ll follow this post up with one on how to buy it on varying devices and feel free to give it try!

Thank you to everyone who has put up with my constant stream of posts about the novel. It means the world to mean that people actually care.

I enjoyed writing this book more than anything and I’m happy to see people are interested.

It would also mean the world to me, if you amazing bloggers would head on over to Amazon and check it out!


The Little Paragons on Amazon

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I’m still alive

After 7 hours straight of editing (I forgot to eat, breathe, and blink during this time), The Little Paragons will be available for purchase tomorrow morning!

I’m publishing through Amazon for the time being, so tomorrow I’ll post on how to purchase Kindle books without a Kindle (As in iPhones, Androids, etc.).

Sorry, I’ve been bombarding everyone with my book posts, but I suppose I made a blog about writing so… technically, this is my job…

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing… I don’t know what to do with my life right now without a novel so close to publication needing finished. Plus, I’m a little brain dead after risking my health to get the book done. (IT’S THE WRITER LIFE FOR ME *singing to the tune of “The Pirates Life for me”*)

Is this what it’s like to not be constantly stressing over a novel that I don’t ACTUALLY have to finish…?

I don’t like this. Book two editing needs to start immediately!



So, today is hopefully the day I publish!

I’m finishing one last round of editing literally as you read this and then it’s time for final touches.

Since I’m self publishing to Amazon and various other ebook providers, I have to do¬†any sort of copyright things myself. I’ve also got to write an acknowledgement page and all that extra stuff… Basically, today’s going to be a long day.

Posts to come on how I’m surviving/ going about everything.

Wish me luck.



After nearly two years of writing and editing this novel, it’s finally ready for publication. The Little Paragons¬†will be self-published through Amazon one day this week (soon to be disclosed) and later on iTunes. Until then, check out the first chapter and BEHOLD: the cover.

Title Page 12-13-15

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The Little Paragons coming to publishment soon

Updated (and hopefully final) version of first¬†chapter of my soon to be published novel The Little Paragons now available. I’m sure more posts will come about it, but feel free to check it out! ūüėÄ

Happy Tuesday!

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Notifications: Not Just for Technology

Today I attended a Comic-Con and discovered something odd. . . Authors were selling their own novels there!

At first I was like, “Oh my gosh, really? No one’s going to buy your book” (can you hear the teenage angst?).

And then I was like, “OH MY GOSH! They’re genius’!”

Everyone knows that it takes some effort to get noticed in this ginormous world of ours. If you’re a writer, you’ll know it’s even harder to get noticed in the publishing universe.

So, how exactly should one get noticed if they don’t have an agent setting up their every move?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Get Out Into the World

I know, the outdoors are scary. You might just need to face your fears, though. Leave your safe little hovel and arrange yourself some appearances in public. People might not have any idea who you are but that’s exactly the point of going. Maybe you’ll just sit in a booth alone all day, but people will notice you.

Walking away from that convention today, I didn’t give a single hoot about those authors. It wasn’t until I began to let me mind wander that I realized I wanted to know the titles of those books.

I still want to know the titles of those books!

But anyway, those authors got me to notice them! They put themselves out into the world and I saw them. Now they have a person interested in their writing. Who’da’thunk?

2. Libraries

Local libraries love hearing about local authors. If you just leave your house, drive¬†a bit to the nearest library, and hand¬†a librarian¬†a copy of your book, they’ll most likely put it on the shelves. Some Libraries may even be nice enough to promote your book a bit. You are a local author, so, hopefully they’ll care about the community enough to help you along.

3. Social Media

I hate social media, but I love it. It’s the quickest way to show everyone you know that you’re a writer. For example, I’ve posted stuff on Facebook and Instagram to get my blog out there to my friends. Sure, they don’t always check it, but at least they’re aware of it.

Plus, social media can actually spread your message a long way. If you ask, people will share your posts with their friends and those friends can share it, and on and on it goes until people all over the country know about you.

All it takes is a couple seconds to post a message, so don’t tell me you don’t want to.


4. Other Writers

Not everyone is out to sabotage your career.

Yes, some people are. . . but not everyone!

Other writers are great for connections. If you talk with other writers then you may be able to score a favor to help you along. Keep talking and you may have a published work in a year!

Anyone that works in writing or English knows the struggle of getting noticed. A majority of the time, those exact people will help you. Maybe it’s from pity; maybe it’s friendship; maybe you don’t care why. Either way, talk to people that share your same interests. They will help you get somewhere, I promise.

5. Talk to People in General

I actually hate social interactions. I hate having to put the time into being with my friends. Can’t they just be satisfied with sitting here watching me write? Why can’t they be satisfied with that? Seriously!

Sadly that won’t satisfy the majority of people, so you’ll need to actually go and talk to other human¬†beings.

Talking to people is great for getting your name out there. If you make friends in the writing world, you’ll make connections. The more people you talk to, the more people will notice you.

Simply telling someone you’re a writer will spark their interest. They’ll hopefully ask about what you’ve wrote and maybe they’ll tell you that they’ll be able to help you with a connection.


Honestly just talking to people is the easiest way to get noticed, so do it!

6. Start a Website

Why do you think I have a blog? Trust me, it’s not to keep myself busy. Part of the point of this blog is to get myself noticed as an author.

Yes, I ramble a lot, but you notice my rambling! Hopefully it entertains you. . . ūüôā

You all know that I’m an author and you’re waiting (I hope) for my novel to FINALLY be published. You notice me.

Honestly, I probably didn’t have to write a post about getting noticed. I bet you can think of others ways, so go ahead and tell me in the comments! I’m always glad to hear from you!