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Why being a teenage author sucks

Don’t get me wrong, being a teenager and writing books is great! The look of astonishment and concern when you tell someone you’re 17 and have two published novels is gratifying. Having so much free time to write is amazing. Having 700 people in a high school to beg to read your book is a… Continue reading Why being a teenage author sucks

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Sequel in the making…

Hey, don’t forget to purchase my novel The Little Paragons on for $0.99! The sequel is on the way and more information about that is coming soon 🙂 Things to look forward too: ~The Little Paragons 2 title reveal ~Self-publishing 101 ~The Little Paragons 2 cover reveal Happy Monday!  

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The truth comes out!

I’ve come to terms lately with the fact that Writer’s Block is indeed a thing. Until lately I’ve discouraged the idea and been too stuck up to realize that I was stuck. This “Writer’s Block” happens to me quite often, I now realize. Since I’m still in High School it’s due to prolonged absence from… Continue reading The truth comes out!

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Don’t forget…!

Don’t forget to check out my novel The Little Paragons on! AND if you’re feeling extra generous, feel free to leave me a review and tell your friends. Until then, happy Tuesday!

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UPDATE: The Little Paragons available for purchase

The Little Paragons is surprisingly available sooner than I imagined! I’ll follow this post up with one on how to buy it on varying devices and feel free to give it try! Thank you to everyone who has put up with my constant stream of posts about the novel. It means the world to mean… Continue reading UPDATE: The Little Paragons available for purchase

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I’m still alive

After 7 hours straight of editing (I forgot to eat, breathe, and blink during this time), The Little Paragons will be available for purchase tomorrow morning! I’m publishing through Amazon for the time being, so tomorrow I’ll post on how to purchase Kindle books without a Kindle (As in iPhones, Androids, etc.). Sorry, I’ve been bombarding everyone… Continue reading I’m still alive

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So, today is hopefully the day I publish! I’m finishing one last round of editing literally as you read this and then it’s time for final touches. Since I’m self publishing to Amazon and various other ebook providers, I have to do any sort of copyright things myself. I’ve also got to write an acknowledgement page… Continue reading AHHHHHH

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After nearly two years of writing and editing this novel, it’s finally ready for publication. The Little Paragons will be self-published through Amazon one day this week (soon to be disclosed) and later on iTunes. Until then, check out the first chapter and BEHOLD: the cover.

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The Little Paragons coming to publishment soon

Updated (and hopefully final) version of first chapter of my soon to be published novel The Little Paragons now available. I’m sure more posts will come about it, but feel free to check it out! 😀 Happy Tuesday!


Notifications: Not Just for Technology

Today I attended a Comic-Con and discovered something odd. . . Authors were selling their own novels there! At first I was like, “Oh my gosh, really? No one’s going to buy your book” (can you hear the teenage angst?). And then I was like, “OH MY GOSH! They’re genius’!” Everyone knows that it takes… Continue reading Notifications: Not Just for Technology