Voices on the wind

I could hear voices on the wind
But when I glanced behind me
I knew that it was all in my mind.
There was nothing there that I could see.
I swore I heard someone, though,
Even if it wasn’t possible.
Someone was watching me go
And speaking in a voice barely audible.
Leaving was my mistake
This is know,
For the tone I couldn’t shake
Sparked a pain I couldn’t undergo.

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A song of love

I remember the way we moved
And the way the song went,
But my mind has since forgotten your scent
Because I now only feel misused.
I’ve moved on
And hope you’ve done the same
Yet I know I’m still the one you blame.
I’m not longer your pawn
And no longer have my eyes on you.
Rather I’m doing a new dance,
Giving someone else a chance
To make my heart sing anew.


A life plagiarized

As these days progress
I notice the time move slower,
But to my heart I must confess
That my expectations have gotten lower.
My life is changing before my eyes
And my friends are disappearing with the snow.
To escape this world, I wear a guise
That covers me from head to toe.
I’ve yet to lose my optimism
Thanks to the love I hold for only one,
But sometimes life feels like plagiarism
Of a book written for none.

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Enduring the daily chore
Just got worse.
This day I curse
Because my patience for it is poor.
To be forced to love,
To be forced to attend,
These people are like a hall with no end,
And a door closed with a shove.
Yet somehow the gathering will pass,
I will survive every Sunday’s Mass.
This family I cannot hate
No more than the food I ate.
They are my obligation
Because I was their creation.


Lost treasures

I was out of place,
Lost among streets I didn’t recognize.
I thought it was over,
Until you appeared.
Before I knew what was happening,
I felt your hand in mine.
Calloused fingers entwined with smaller ones,
And the struggle was over.
You guided me to familiarity,
And although I didn’t find
The item lost
I’d found a more precious one
In you.

*I’m home sick today and had a dream that inspired this poem. After some drafting while I attempted to shower off my sickness, this is what I came up with. Happy Monday!


Perfecting Imperfection

Perfection is impossible to master,
But every day we still yearn for it.
We see it in others,
And see it in nature,
But for ourselves,
Being perfect isn’t easy.
Even when those that we find perfect,
Find perfection in us,
We still refuse to acknowledge it.
Perhaps if this is the case
We are all perfect
But no one believes it.
Or, maybe we’re all imperfect
But we like to believe
In the perfection of others.


For you

For a guy that’s basically a sailor.
You have a way with words.
For someone who doesn’t play fair
Your hands are as gentle as a child’s.
For a man that will go far
You love like it’s your last day.
For being the one I didn’t expect
You make me happy.

The Little Villains

The Little Villains: A book blurb

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The Little Paragons

The Little Paragons: A book blurb

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The Little Paragons

The Little Villains and my life: an update

  December was a BUSY month for me… Not only did I decide to crochet my brothers mermaid tails for Christmas, but I cross-stitched them a poster with a list of reasons I don’t miss them… (They just moved out). I promise I’m not a horrible sister. The joke was very much appreciated.   December was also… Continue reading The Little Villains and my life: an update