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Why being a teenage author sucks

Don’t get me wrong, being a teenager and writing books is great! The look of astonishment and concern when you tell someone you’re 17 and have two published novels is gratifying. Having so much free time to write is amazing. Having 700 people in a high school to beg to read your book is a gift. Alas, like any coin, there are always too sides.

Seeing as I’m a teenager in the middle class who has no job because high school is a (excuse my language) bitch, I don’t necessary have the greatest¬†following and here’s why.

1. Teenagers are stingy.

Teenagers usually either don’t have a job at all, or don’t have much money coming in from their job. It’s not that they don’t want to fork over $0.99 it’s just that they don’t see a point in giving their money to some student author who’s book could be crap for all they know.

2. I don’t have a job.

A day in the life of Madison Uram is generally busy. I’m not saying I go home to three kids, have to make dinner, give the dog a bath, and pack everyone’s lunches. I’m saying that I have to finish up my after school activities (directing a One-Act play), I have to consume dinner, finish homework, and try to keep my life situated in the meantime. Once all that is done, there’s no time for a job and who would hire a 17 year-old girl with no experience? Not you.

Why do I need a job? First off, publishers expect drafts to be submitted by an agent and without an agent self-publishing is basically your only choice. Then, if you want to run ads you have to pay money which I have minimal of because I’m trying to pay for prom. And lastly, to even put your novel on iTunes you need to pay for a memebership… AKA why I’m not on iTunes. Sorry.

3. Literally no one cares.

I can scream from the rooftop until my voice is gone about my novels, but I promise you that I will be extremely lucky if even one person buys my novel. This isn’t a pity party, it’s just how people are.

Has someone every advised a TV series to watch for you and despite the fact that it sounds perfect for you, you’re just too darn stubborn to watch it?

That’s how everyone feels about novels.

No matter how blown away they are that you wrote a novel, they don’t have the time or care to read it. And I can’t even blame them. I’ve read the short stories and poems my friends have written and if I heard one of them had written a novel, I wouldn’t pay money for it either.

Long story short, I love writing and I love when people read my book, I just wish more people would! If you feel the same, leave a comment below telling me of your plight. If you pity me, here’s the link to buy The Little Paragons and here’s the link to buy The Little Villains vvvvvvvv

The Little Paragons

The Little Villains



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Almost done!

Coming out this Friday will be my second novel: The Little Villains. This book is the sequel to my first novel: The Little Paragons and will be available for purchase on Amazon.com!

If you want to learn more about either of my books click here.

If you want to purchase The Little Paragons click here.

Stay tuned for more information ūüôā


The Little Villains. Coming out this Friday.

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The Little Villains and my life: an update


December was a BUSY month for me… Not only did I decide to crochet my brothers mermaid tails for Christmas, but I¬†cross-stitched¬†them a poster with a list of reasons I don’t miss them… (They just moved out). I promise I’m not a horrible sister. The joke was very much appreciated.


They love me, I promise.


December was also spent prepping for my High School’s musical¬†auditions for Shrek. Yours truly managed to… somehow… get the role of Pinocchio and I can’t be more excited. Also, the nerd in me is super¬†pumped to be playing a fairy tale character when I spend hours writing about fairy tales in my novels!

Speaking of said novels, The Little Villains is on it’s way. The deadline was pushed back due to some editing mishaps and now I’m back to work. If I’m lucky, The Little Villains will be available for purchase by the end of January. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear how everyone else’s Christmas break and writing has been going. I have¬†about 80 new books to read, but¬†feel free to give me some more¬†suggestions. I’m sure I’ll find a way to get around to all of them!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year if I don’t get around to posting in the next two days.


The Little Villains. Soon to be published

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Face-lifts and new beginnings

Today is a big day in the world of The Little Paragons! Not only did The Little Paragons get a face-lift, but The Little Villains now has a face!

My talented brother, Mr. Austin Uram, spent hours putting together two new covers for my first two novels and I couldn’t have been happier. So, without further ado I present to you the new covers of The Little Paragons and The Little Villains.



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Updates and tears

I… kind of… survived rereading all four Twilight books. By “kind of” I’m referring to the fact that¬†I could only bring myself to skim the ending of book three and all of book four. I


mean, once Edward spills the beans to Jacob about getting hitched, there excitement scale sort of drops below the freezing line…

I’m not saying that the last book doesn’t have its moment in the beginning, but personally I haven’t been able to forge through that book even a second time. I’m not even sure how I managed to do it the first time.

At no point is it necessarily boring, but my teenage self is just less amused by a steady marriage and a kid.¬†Call me crazy. I won’t disagree.

But anyway, after rereading most of The Twilight Saga in about a week, I discovered a few things about myself:

  1. My dedication to young adult romance is frightening. Like I know how the book ends, why is part of me STILL rooting for Jacob?
  2. These books mess with my head. This has happened before. Every time I read these books they get into my head and suddenly I’m living in a world of the supernatural and I’m comparing my family and friends to the characters. IT’S NOT NORMAL.
  3. Reading them a sixth time has led me to appreciate my own writing. Those books are massive. I mean you could kill someone with my hardback copy of Breaking Dawn. Stephanie put years of work into those and even if they could have been SO much better, she was dedicated. Every writer needs to have that kind of dedication. If you don’t spend at least one summer hiding in your room writing, then it’s hard to imagine you’re getting anything done. ūüėČ
  4. I can¬†grudgingly see where Fifty Shades of Grey came from.¬†One of the things I respect most about Meyers is that she isn’t one of those authors obsessed with sex. She skips sex scenes all together, sparing us the details. I’m sure some people think 16389173506_4bf3d6cc1c_bthat’s a tragedy (*cough cough* Fifty Shades) but I like it. I don’t need to read that kind of crap, I don’t want to read that, and it frightens for that there are people out there who are addicted to reading that. This is a judge free zone, but I’m just expressing my own terrified teenage opinion.
  5. I really want to write a spoof of those entire novels. They’re SO CLOSE to being hilarious! Every scene with Emmet is super funny, but if we could enhance that humor over the entire novel, it could be great.¬†I probably will never write that spoof but as a writer it’s fun to dream.

Welp, now that Twilights over with I think I might move on to rereading Harry Potter. This series may take me a tad longer, but don’t fret, I’ll give you updates as often as possible.

Speaking of updates: I’m ahead of schedule and The Little Paragons is about to go into Stage Two of editing. I’m not entirely sure how long that will take but I’ll keep every one posted. Until then, you have the title reveal and the new cover reveals to look forward to. You also have plenty of time to reread or finally read The Little Paragons. I’m always excited to hear what you think.

Happy blogging!

**Confused on why I was rereading Twilight? Click here**

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This could be worse…

Opening Twilight for the first time in probably four years was like stepping back in time. Immediately I questioned what the hell I was doing, but I still sat down, holding the cracked and fragile cover in my hands, and began to read.

Honesty time: I’ve probably read the entire series about five times.

Don’t give me that look!

The books and movies came out during a time when I could have cared less for how bad the writing is. All I cared about was that Edward was super sexy and he really needed to keep that pesky Jacob away.

But now as I read it as a published author and blogger, it’s strange. I’m still only seventeen so I still like the romance and can related to Bella, but the writing itself turns me off. I’m not saying I know what I’m doing when it comes to writing. I can be a massive idiot about the things I type. I’m just saying that it’s difficult to read a poorly written novel after learning so much about writing myself. And don’t get me wrong, Twilight has it’s good moments! It’s really not as horrible as people like to make it, but there are some small things.

I’m not going to bore everyone with ponderings about ifs-ands-and-buts, but here are just two things I noticed that bug me.

  1. Adverbs. If you’ve read Stephen Kings Memoir on writing then you know to stay far3871433318_3ce9515bb5_b.jpg far away from adverbs. They sound cheesy and when you do look back on them, they mess with the flow. Stephanie Meyers (In the first 100 pages of Twilight at least because that’s the further I got since last night) is a huge culprit of this. I can’t say I blame her, though. I did the same thing when I began writing and if you read anything else of hers she’s actually better! So don’t judge her entirely, just the first book.
  2. First person point-of-view. I love first person perspective.  My own novel is written
    Title Page 12-13-15

    My Novel

    in first person and it has¬†never bugged me. I find it easier to tie in humor with it and it’s flows easier for me. In Meyers situation, though, it’s a tad strange. She doesn’t use it to it’s full potential, ESPECIALLY when it comes to humor. For example, if you look close enough, Bella’s character is actually supposed to be really sarcastic and funny, but it’s not as prominent as it could have been had she used all the benefits of first person POV.

Enough nerdy musing, though.

So far, rereading Twilight has surprised me. I’m no longer as enthralled as I know I once was, but I’m still pulled in. I enjoy the wit of Bella still and I’ve discovered that part of me is rushing to get to my favorite parts. Then again, I know if I skip around I’ll not remember enough to understand what’s happening during my favorite spots.

Also, being a writer has ruined me. I think I’m an adverb Nazi…

Now that I’ve got that out in the open, let me leave you here to ponder the things I’ve discovered. I’m hoping to chug out at least 100 or 200 pages again tonight so I’ll post again when I get further into the thick of the story.

Until then, I’d love to hear of other people rereading novels as well right now. Or, if you’re feeling risky reread Twilight and tell me what you think!

*Confused why I’m reading Twilight? Click here*


Rainy day ponderings

The problem one discovers when they are obsessed with the fictional, lies within the characters. You envy them. You strive to be them. And sometimes you even become them.

Even the coldest, and saddest of villains are easy to relate with for some people.

I, for one, see myself in Estella from Great Expectations. My family will probably tell you I’m nothing like her. Sometimes I believe she’s no more than a stranger. But when I take a step back, I see that we could be twins.

No, I was not raised by¬†basically a ghost (let’s¬†admit it,¬†Miss Havisham was a ghost).¬†I do understand, though,¬†how it feels to be loved by someone you can’t find interest in.

I know how to love. My heart still beats for beauty and experience, but it struggles with romance. Instead of feeling open with people, I feel ashamed. I fear passion, so I don’t show it. Men like me, sometimes even love me, but I struggle feeling “love” for them.

I wasn’t inspired by Estella, though. We never actually ‘become’ our favorite book characters per say. Rather we find ourselves in them. Perhaps we see our own narcissism in Dorian Gray. Or maybe we find a sense of leaderships in ourselves through Piggy.

Until the day I die, though,¬†I’ll never understand how people can not like reading. I… I can’t understand.


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Change is in the air

It’s never too early to re-read a novel you love. Perhaps by some chance you love this awesome novel called The Little Paragons?? Re-read it!

And to make it even better, the E-book copy has been updated and even includes a short story some of you might be familiar with.

Haven’t read The Little Paragons yet?

Well what are you waiting for?! You can find it on Amazon.com and if you like what you read, leave a comment in their review section.


Title Page 12-13-15

That really good book you should read.

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I’m so lame

You REALLY know you’re a writer/reader when you come back from vacation and are doing the same exact thing you were doing while you were on vacation: Sitting around reading and writing.

I can’t tell if this means I’m really ridiculously boring or if I’m living life more correct than everyone else…

Nonetheless, I’m back and the summer posts are about to begin! Stay tuned ūüôā

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Rereading novels

There is absolutely nothing wrong about rereading a book you love. I’ve been doing it literally since the dawn of my reading career, starting with my favorite childhood series: Molly Moon.

I starkly remember toting those books around to every single one of my brother’s baseball games (I’m not a sports fan obviously, but at least I was a supportive sister. Plus I was too young to be left home alone.)¬†¬†I would reread those books almost immediately after finishing them… So much so that they’re falling apart now.

Even now I reread my favorite books when I’m in a slump. Sometimes that means I just skim in search of my favorite parts. Other times it means I’m reading an entire six book series for the third time.

Today I just pushed my way through The Lord of the Flies so that I can start rereading The Mortal Instruments series again. I’m really not sure how many times I’ve read this series now… It’s kind of like the Molly Moon of my teenage years.

Send help.

Anyway, with all this talk of a sequel in the making for The Little Paragons series, I thought I might talk about the time I spend away from my writing. And that time, if it’s not spent watching Netflix, is often spent reading books.

I’m also always looking for books to read, so feel free to comment below about your favorite reread worthy books!