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A haiku about you

My inspiration.

My best friend and my soul mate.

The love of my life.


*I go through phases in poetry. I’m sure it isn’t hard to guess what phase I’m in now.*



Baby Birds

Baby birds don’t get scared.

They leap from their perches,

Trusting their instincts will kick in.

My instinct is to be with you.

I have leapt from my perch,

Heart open and arms spread wide.

I can’t be afraid.

I can’t hesitate.

I must trust that I will learn you

And you will learn me.

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Whispered love

There was a knock at my window

And a name softly spoken.

Joy consumed me,

For I knew who had arrived.

We talked in hushed whispers,

A wall dividing us only barely.

Our hands and lips were brought together

Sometimes softly

And sometimes with desperation.

When you left, I was smiling

But I wished you wouldn’t haven’t gone.

I yearned for your embrace,

For your protection

And prayed that one day I would have it.

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Smiles for miles

You are my life,

My world,

And my entire existence.

Yet when I think of you

I only remember

The impending distance.

The fear I feel

Is spread wide

Across the miles,

So I know,

I must have faith

In your confident smiles.


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The song about you

The sound so sweet,

A tune impossible to beat.

Keys pressed like finger tips

To your gently lips.

My eyes filled with tears

As I thought of future years,

Ones spent with a song in my heart

And a love that doesn’t part.

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A song of love

I remember the way we moved

And the way the song went,

But my mind has since forgotten your scent

Because I now only feel misused.

I’ve moved on

And hope you’ve done the same

Yet I know I’m still the one you blame.

I’m no longer your pawn

And no longer have my eyes on you.

Rather I’m doing a new dance,

Giving someone else a chance

To make my heart sing anew.

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The blinking light

A blinking light

Set against the night sky

Reminded me of that night

When we didn’t notice the time pass by.

There were other artificial stars

But only this was blinking.

It didn’t look far

But it seemed to be shrinking.

It was running away

As swiftly as our time that night.

When we reached the end of that day

I remember missing you with all my might.

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The danger zone

There’s nothing wrong

With a little flirting,

Some laughing,

And some playful touching.


Flirting is a dangerous game

That few master

And even fewer win

In theses tiring days.


But where’s the fun in romance

If you aren’t enjoying

The arduous search

For the perfect partner?