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I hate you

It’s hard to be in love

With someone you can’t have.

It’s hard to fall in love

With someone good.

I’m built to self destruct,

To rip my self apart

And burn the pieces.

I hate you

Like I hate myself

For not hating you.


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Odd and a little sad

It’s hard to listen to family.

They know you too well,

Understand too easily.

Sometimes you need a stranger.

Strangers don’t understand.

They’re not bias and

They really don’t care.

A stranger can help more

Despite not knowing you.

it’s odd and a little sad

But humans are odd

And a little sad.



I have picked a place,

And I have called it home.

I will go my own pace

Even if I must roam.

Yeah, my life isn’t perfect

But it’s my problem

And what I’ve picked.

I’ll be solemn,

I’ll be depressed,

But don’t tell me what to do

Because I’m trying my best

And you should, too.

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Those who hurt the most

Understand confidence the best.

When your heart aches

Turn to those who know your pain.

The saddest souls

Will work the hardest to save you.

They wish only for your happiness

Because they know your sorrows.

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A bad day

Life is confusing

Yet also amusing.

Some days, the sky is clear

The next day storm clouds are near.

A smile can brighten a heart

That was dark from the start.

A gesture can ruin

Anyone’s joy.

Sometimes it’s easier to cry

Instead of asking why.


A poem

A poem that makes you cry.

To bring a real tear to your eye.

A poem to make you smile

A big grin that stretches a mile.

A poem to make your remember

And wipe away the blur.

A poem to make you laugh

While cutting your day in half.