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Welcome to Writing Every Which Way!

Who am I?

My name’s Madison Uram and I’m a teenage author. Being a senior in high school not only hinders my writing but helps it flourish. When I’m not studying for classes or practicing my lines for a show (my second favorite hobby) I’m writing. Stories are like a drug to me. I’m addicted to poetry, short stories, and novels. So much so, that I’ve even come around to write some of my own.

Here on Writing Every Which Way, you’ll hear all the latest details on my trilogy The Little Paragons. The third book is currently in the making and I’m excited to tell the world about the mess I struggle through to get my readers what they want.

What’s the purpose of Writing Every Which Way?

Other than to document my publishing (and writing) processes, the point of this blog is to help writers. I wish to show them my path to success so that they can create their own and enjoy doing it.

I also want to share my own portfolio of writing. Almost every day new writing is posted purely to entertain and inspire other writers. Writing is meant to be read and loved, not stowed away in a dusty drawer.

How am I different from other blogging authors?

Seeing as I’m 17, you could say I understand the term “Young Adult” quite well. I’ve been writing and reading for longer than I can remember and the task of perfecting myself has become a mission. Of course I’m not perfect, but I want to set the record straight on how teenagers really act and show other YA writers how to correctly express all their (our) wonderful hormonal beauty. 🙂

My beliefs on writing

Writing should be about enjoying the sport and writing truthfully to your philosophies. I’m just going to make an assumption that we all came to writing from a love of reading stories. Then we began writing because we felt other literature didn’t please us entirely. So, we write for ourselves usually. The mission is to enjoy the process as much as it sometimes has us banging our heads on the keys.

Also, you can’t follow another authors path to success. No one reaches a publishing deal quite the same way so don’t try to mimic another authors techniques. Write your own way. Write Every Which Way.

Hehe. . . see what I did there?

Happy reading!

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog Madison! I really identify not only with your penchant for all things YA, but also how you endorse sticking by your writing philosophies. I’ll be perusing your posts for a good while! Happy blogging 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. It is true that writing allows us to share our own philosophies 🙂 That allows us to communicate with other readers who have the same philosophies 🙂 In that way, we strengthen our own philosophies within us 🙂 I am glad that I’ve passed by your blog today! You are a very delightful writer 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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