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This is a resolution

I do not want to be someone I am not.
I just want to be someone I have forgot.
I have forgotten myself.
I have left my heart on a high shelf.
Struggling to reach up,
Frustrated by everything I’ve fucked up.
I want to change,
Make a fair exchange:
Craziness for
How I was before.
This is a resolution
Of which I know now other solution.


In firing range

A shirt that smells like you

Wrapped tight around someone new.

A smile saved for me

Turned on someone you don’t need.

I moved on from abuse and fear

While you gave it to those near.

You have no regrets

No reason to place bets.

You broke my heart this year

And yet your conscience is clear.

I hope you change,

Saving those in firing range,

But I have certainty

She will be hurt just like me.

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Married souls

An old married couple,

Just falling in love.

After being together for years,

They are going on their first date.

They are in love

After one week.

They are happier

After every hour.

Nothing is more potent.

Nothing is more real.

They’re married by mind,


And being,

But not in practice…


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I hate you

It’s hard to be in love

With someone you can’t have.

It’s hard to fall in love

With someone good.

I’m built to self destruct,

To rip my self apart

And burn the pieces.

I hate you

Like I hate myself

For not hating you.

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Odd and a little sad

It’s hard to listen to family.

They know you too well,

Understand too easily.

Sometimes you need a stranger.

Strangers don’t understand.

They’re not bias and

They really don’t care.

A stranger can help more

Despite not knowing you.

it’s odd and a little sad

But humans are odd

And a little sad.

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I don’t know how to feel and

Need time to myself.

Denied simple affection,

Every thought is poison

Penetrating deep into my veins.

Eternally reminded that

Nothing went right with you.

Deep inside I know I need this,

Even though it hurts to know I might

Never see you again.

Concentration is on anything but you because

Every part of me feels like yours.

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I’m annoying

Hey I just wanted to remind everyone real quick that I do still have a YouTube Channel. You can find it:


I have all sorts of videos on there so if you need more of me in your life, you can find me there! I would love if I could get some new subscribers and I would also love if some people took a moment to learn more about my novels:


Thanks for letting me annoy you!





I have picked a place,

And I have called it home.

I will go my own pace

Even if I must roam.

Yeah, my life isn’t perfect

But it’s my problem

And what I’ve picked.

I’ll be solemn,

I’ll be depressed,

But don’t tell me what to do

Because I’m trying my best

And you should, too.

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Making friends

Everyone says to make friends

But on them my happiness

Does not depend.

My life is a mess,

But I’m okay,

Well… I guess

That’s what one could say.

I know I should socialize

But that seems like a waste of time

In my eyes.

This place I’m in isn’t sublime,

I know that,

But my choices are slimmer,

Yes, healthier than fat

But not helping my feelings simmer.

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Society isn’t fair

Sometimes life just sucks

And everything goes wrong.

Sometimes you fear the world is ending

While everyone else is having the time of their lives.

You’re left out

And depressed

And sometimes things don’t get better.

Sometimes you just have to work harder.

You have to outdo the privileged with strength

Rather than money.

You’ll get there when you’ve earned it

Because that’s how life works for you.

Just pray that someday,

The world will know you worked your ass off

For the things others were handed.